electrr does not place any restrictions on how many admin users you can have on each installation. Each admin can log in with their own unique username and password.

{primary} Access the admin dashboard at any time while logged in by clicking on your name/username in the top right and then clicking 'Admin Dashboard'

Adding a new admin

{warning} All admins have the ability to create new admin users, view and add voters, and export or generate results - only give access to people who need it

You can add a new admin user at any time by clicking on Add admin user in the admin dashboard. You will be invited to provide a name, username, and password for the new user. There is no restriction on what can be used as a username, but a generated username in the same format as votingCode is provided as a placeholder.

Editing your details

While logged in as an admin, you can edit your own details (name, username, and password) by choosing Change your password, name, or login code from the admin dashboard.

When you first create your electrr instance, your username and password from are (securely) duplicated to allow you to log in to your election. We recommend changing the password to make your election more secure. After setup, changing one password will not change the other. Your password will never be stored in plain text, and will always be encrypted.