electrr believes that secure digital democracy should be available to everyone - that's why we have a generous free plan and one of the smallest usage fees we know of.

We believe that our pricing is some of the lowest for hosted election services. The table below shows what our free plan would cost with some other services.

service electrr OpaVote Election Buddy Simply Voting Elections Online
Price free $80 $89 $500 $407 - $538*

*Elections Online offers various pricing levels, and electrr's free plan includes one feature from the highest price point

It is hard to do an 'upper price point' comparison due to the one-off cost of electrr, while most other services have an ongoing subscription-style charge. This is made even more difficult when considering electrr's unlimited nature, and the discounts available for political, youth, and student groups, charities, non-profits, and trade unions.