You can use the built in tools to change key details about your electrr setup. The available settings are described below.

{primary} Access the admin dashboard at any time while logged in by clicking on your name/username in the top right and then clicking 'Admin Dashboard'

System Data

You can set 9 pieces of system data through the graphical admin interface. They are:

id Descriptor Default Value
1 System Name electrr
2 Privacy Policy URL /privacy
3 Imprint This imprint can be removed or updated in the admin panel
4 Privacy Policy Sample Privacy Policy can be updated in the admin interface, under system data
5 Shuffle candidates during voting? true (checked)
6 Shuffle manifestos during voting? false (unchecked)
7 Display role description on home page? true (checked)
8 Allow nominations? false (unchecked)
9 Display role descriptions on nominations page? false (unchecked)

The imprint value is a string that is displayed at the bottom of each page of the platform, for example to comply with PPERA or to display contact details.

The Privacy Policy URL is by default set to a url which only displays the value of the Privacy Policy field (while looking nice doing it). This means you can update your privacy policy by altering the URL to your existing policy, or by updating the text of the Privacy Policy field. Either works, but updating the text will mean that users can view the privacy policy without leaving electrr. A privacy policy is mandatory under electrr's terms of service.

The privacy policy field will accept plain text, or markdown formatting. For your convenience, an editor is provided with a toolbar for common formatting choices, and which will preview your entered text.