Emailing Voters

We've just launched our direct email feature! We're still working on improving it, but for now here's how it works.

We're super proud to reach the inbox 99% of the time! (1)

{primary} Access the admin dashboard at any time while logged in by clicking on your name/username in the top right and then clicking 'Admin Dashboard'

Direct emails allow electrr to manage the distribution of your voting credentials, and is aimed at organisations with a largely email-connected user base who prefer the ease of not having to construct and send large numbers of unique emails.

{info} When you set up a direct email, voters are sent their credentials as they're generated. Therefore it is essential you do not use this feature until you are ready for voting to begin in your elections. If you want to see what the voting invites will look like, you can enter a personal email address to test the feature.

To set up a direct email, log into your admin panel and access the 'view and add voters' page. At the end of the page is a text box where you can enter a list of email addresses, separated by semicolons. If your list is separated by a different character, we recommend using find and replace to reformat the list.

After entering the list of email addresses, click 'create and email voters' to generate credentials and send them to your electorate.

{info} Please note that all emails come from, and contain electrr branding. We recommend sending yourself a test email to check you're happy with the format.

When using the direct email feature, there is no requirement for email addresses to be unique. This is in case of family members or partners sharing an email address, and so they will be sent two sets of credentials. Therefore it is essential you check your list for any unintentional duplicates, as this will allow double voting.

We also allow you to send a reminder email, which will only be sent to voters in your election who were created by supplying an email address, and who have not voted for any role (so if you're electing 'chair', 'vice-chair', and 'treasurer' roles and someone votes only for the chair, they won't get the reminder). If you'd like us to reset the list of who has and hasn't voted, please email and we can organise that for you. We won't reset this while voting is open for any role - we offer this service so that you can contact voters if you have batches of elections spaced several months apart.

Providing the email address of someone who has not opted-in to receive emails from your organisation will be treated as a breach of the electrr privacy policy and terms of service. Unfortunately, it is not permitted to use the direct email feature to contact voters under the age of 18 at this time. All voting invitations contain an unsubscribe link, and users with unusually high levels of complaints will be investigated for compliance with the electrr terms of service and privacy policy.

(1) in house and external testing, across 5 separate email blasts overt the course of 3 days.