electrr supports a theoretical number of voters higher than the human population of earth. However, for the sake of usability, it is recommended that no more than 1,000,000 voters are active at the same time. If you're holding an election with more than 500,000 voters we ask that you contact us so that we can monitor resource use and ensure stability of your election.

{primary} Access the admin dashboard at any time while logged in by clicking on your name/username in the top right and then clicking 'Admin Dashboard'

How electrr identifies voters

Voters are identified by a unique voting code, which takes the format ABC-DEF-GHI, with each character being any alphanumeric character. This means there are 101,559,956,668,416 possible login codes, as well as admin users who can use a different username format.

In addition to the voting code, each user has a security code or password. The security code is a 6 character random string, generated at the same time as the voting code.

This makes the chance of guessing both a voter's voting code and password successfully very low, and means that even with a user's voting code someone could not try to vote as them.

Viewing voters

After logging in as an admin, visit admin/users or go to the admin dashboard and click View and add Voters. You can now see a paginated list of all users, with their voting code, and security code.

You can export a .csv list of all voters (for example to use in excel, or for a mail merge) by clicking the link above the table.

Adding voters

electrr includes a function to add any number of users from within the admin interface. After logging in as an admin, visit admin/users or go to the admin dashboard and click View and add Voters.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you should see a section titled Create new users, with an input field for how many voters you would like to add. Simply fill in the field and click create to generate the desired number of voters and add them to the database.

After you add voters, they are created in the background so that you can continue to use electrr while they are added to your database. Large numbers of voters may take a long time to be finish being added.

If you'd like electrr to handle emailing your voters, please see our section on direct emailing voters.

{warning} Adding large numbers of voters at once is resource intensive, and may take a long time. Please be patient while the action completes. If you need to add a very large number of voters, contact us and we can add them for you.

Removing Voters

If you would like to remove a voter from your election, please email with the voting code of the voter to remove.

Please note that this email must come from the email address you use to access, and should also include the link to the election displayed on the homepage when you log in (in the format We can help you find this link, but will not process any removal request unless you can provide it.

We won't remove a voter who has voted in an open election at the time of your email. We will never remove votes cast in an election. If you feel a voter's account has been compromised and wish to remove ballots cast maliciously, we would recommend asking that voter to log in and update their vote.