Within each role, electrr places no limit on the number of candidates who can be involved. Candidates are added and managed through each role's edit page.

Adding candidates

You can add a candidate to a role by going to the edit page for the role, and clicking on Add candidate in the right hand sidebar. The form presented will ask for the candidate's name (the only mandatory field), and allow you to upload an image to display next to the candidate's manifesto, as well as a space to enter a manifesto.

The manifesto can be submitted as plain text, or can use markdown formatting. To help you in this, an editor is provided which will preview your entered text, and with a toolbar for common formatting.

Editing candidates

To edit a candidate simply visit the page for the election they are standing in, and click on their name. You can edit all the fields available when creating a candidate, as well as having the option to withdraw the candidate from the election.

Withdrawn candidates

Withdrawn candidates will not be shown on the voting page for any election, and will not be available to vote for. Since the number of preferences to ask for is set based on how many candidates exist in an election, this means that after a candidate is withdrawn there will be one less preference collected from voters in STV elections.

Any previously recorded votes will remain valid, and the BLT file export and online result generator will include details of any withdrawn candidates, and handle them appropriately. Voters can choose to resubmit their vote, using the new list of candidates, but will not be told about the withdrawal.