While logged in, you can create a new election from your dashboard at any time. If you would like to create a free (limited) election, click on Create a trial election. To create an election without limits, click on Create an election. This will either cost £15, or will be free if you're an electrr unlimited subscriber. You may be redirected to a page which asks for your payment details if you haven't set these up before.

Election Data

When creating your election, you can fill out the following fields. Some are required, while others are optional.

Descriptor Description
Election Name The name of the election, displayed to voters and used as the 'from' name when emailing voters.
Election Slug The slug is what gets displayed in your election's web address. It cannot be changed after creation, and it must be unique across all electrr elections. It can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens, and is case sensitive.
Description You can set an optional description for your election, which will be displayed on your election's homepage after voters log in. It will also be displayed on the nominations page if you allow nominations. You can change this between the close of nominations and the opening of voting, if you wish.
Contact Email The email address we will use if we need to contact you about the election.
Imprint Displayed at the bottom of all election pages.
Shuffle candidates during voting? true (checked)
Allow nominations? Whether you will allow candidates to nominate themselves for any role in this election. You can activate this on a per role basis, but it must be turned on here to allow that.
Nomination contact information NB: only visible after creation when nominations are enabled.
A list of questions to ask candidates when they submit a nomination, for example their email address or phone number. You can also ask specific questions per role.

After filling out the form and clicking create, you'll be taken to the edit screen for your new election. From here you can add roles, voters, and managers.