Exporting Results

electrr allows you to export all votes cast in your election as a single file.

To export your results, you should click on the name of the role in the election edit screen. You can then click on Download .blt file to download a machine-readable copy of all ballots cast. For large elections the file will be emailed to you.

The downloaded file will include comments to explain what each line means, and can be used to calculate the results offline in software such as OpenSTV, or as proof of results to candidates and voters.

Reading a .blt file

The guide below explains what each line in a .blt file means

4 2 # There are 4 candidates running for 2 positions 
-2 # The 2nd candidate has been withdrawn
1 1 2 3 4 0 # The first ballot voted for candidate 1, then candidate 2, then 3, then 4
1 2 3 1 4 0 # Each ballot is on a new line, starts with a 1, and ends with 0
1 3 1 0 # This voter only expressed 2 preferences
0 # A single 0 marks the end of all ballots
'Candidate 1' # Candidates are listed in order
'Canddiate 2' # There are as many names here as the first number in the file
'Candidate 3' # The order is the order they were added to the election
'Candidate 4' # This order has no bearing on the result
'Demo Election' # The name of the election being exported