electrr does not place any restrictions on how many managers you can have on each election. Each manager can log in with their own unique username and password, and can both own and manage multiple elections.

Adding a new manager

{warning} All admins have the ability to view and add voters, and export or generate results - only give access to people who need it. Managers cannot delete elections or add new managers.

You can add a new manager at any time by providing their email address in the election edit screen. They will receive an email telling them they have been invited to manage an election.

If the person you invite has already registered for electrr under the same email address, they will be able to manage the election the next time they log in. If the email address is not registered with electrr, they will be added to your election when they register an account. You should ensure you are using the correct email address for the person you wish to invite.

{info} Managers have access to the voting pages for elections they manage. This includes the ability to vote in the election.