electrr allows you to open nominations for your elections, meaning candidates can provide their own details and manifesto so that you don't have to type these in separately.

The nominations system is not available on free elections.

To enable nominations, nominations must be turned on for the election, and the role. This can be turned on from the election or role edit screen, and open and close of nominations can be set on the role edit screen.

When you visit the edit page for a role, you can see a list of any nominated candidates - these are people who have nominated themselves but who you have not yet approved. Any nominations need to be approved by you before they will be displayed to voters as a candidate.

When nominations are enabled and open, you can direct people to{your-election-slug}/nominate so that they can see which roles are available and nominate themselves for them.

After your approve a candidate, it is not possible to undo. You can, however, withdraw any candidates approved by accident. Candidates who are never approved will not be shown on ballot exports.

You can ask nominees for answers to specific questions, on either an election-wide or role-specific basis. Election wide questions should be set on the election edit screen, and role specific questions should be set on the role edit screen. All questions will become mandatory on the nomination form. The answers to these questions will not be displayed to voters, the purpose is to gather information on nominations to be able to screen nominations that are submitted.

Voters see no difference between a candidate who nominates themselves and a candidate who you add directly.