electrr is an all-in-one ballot collection and result counting software that works exclusively online. That means that both admins and voters can access the platform from anywhere they have an internet connection, and the system has all the tools needed to successfully run elections of any size.

electrr allows you to have free elections, premium elections, or unlimited elections as part of an electrr unlimited subscription. The different options are explained in more detail below. Managed elections and dedicated support are also available, at negotiated rates.

We are proud to offer discounts for political, youth, and student groups, charities, nonprofits, and trade unions. For account related queries, or to ask about managed elections and dedicated support, email contact@electrr.app.

feature trial premium unlimited
create elections free £15 each unlimited, free
multiple roles per election limited to 1 yes yes
unlimited voters limited to 1,000 yes yes
directly email voter credentials credentials must be exported and sent to voters manually yes (1) yes (1)
self-service nominations system X yes yes
generate results yes yes yes
export results yes yes yes
live turnout monitoring yes yes yes

(1) an extra fee of £1/1000 emails sent applies to direct voter emails, charged per email. Charges are rounded up to the nearest penny.

{primary} A note on language: we use 'election' to mean 'an electrr web address', with a group of voters. Each election can have multiple 'roles' to be elected, and each role can have multiple candidates. In each election, all voters can vote for all roles. You can have multiple elections on the electrr unlimited plan, to separate groups of voters. It isn't currently possible to segment voters within one election.