electrr allows you to monitor turnout with a GET request to our API.

To make a request, you'll need a token which is randomly generated when you create your election. It can be found on the election edit page, at the bottom of the screen. You're provided with the full URL, for convenience.

The URL will be in the format https://electrr.app/elections/SLUG/TOKEN/turnout

When you make a GET request to that URL, a JSON response will be returned with voters, votes, and voted data. voters represents how many voters are able to vote in the election. votes represents the number of ballots cast across all roles. voted represents the number of voters who have cast at least one ballot. You can choose how to use or display this data.

The API endpoint is rate limited to 10 requests per second. This is subject to change without notice if we detect malicious use of the feature.

An example of the output is shown below:

  "voters": 1000,
  "votes": 300,
  "voted": 60