electrr offers unlimited free elections on the trial plan. These are limited to one role and 1000 voters, and cannot make use of some features.

If you want to hold bigger elections, or make use of features such as emailing voters and self service nominations, then you have two options:

One off elections

electrr charges £15 for a 'one off' election. This election has no limits, and is a one time charge. You can reuse the election by creating new roles, updating your voters, and making use of our nominations and voting scheduling. We call it one off because of the one time payment, but there is no time limit or expiration of this election. You will need to pay the £15 charge for each election you create this way.

electrr unlimited

You can choose to subscribe to electrr unlimited. You might want to do this if you run a large number of discrete elections. An electrr unlimited subscription costs £15/month, or £100/year if you pay annually. When you have an electrr unlimited subscription, each election you create will be part of your plan, and will have no limits. If your subscription ends, you can pay the one off charge for individual elections to keep them active, otherwise they will become unavailable.

{info} We offer a range of discounts to political, youth, and student groups, charities, non-profits, and trade unions - get in touch on contact@electrr.app to find out more.